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Every unicorn starts with … a solid startup pitch deck. We collected all the core insights, advice and tactics from VC investors and successful founders about building an investable pitch deck!

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Do you have a pitch deck? Probably yes.

If you are an early stage startup (pre-seed, seed and even A), attracting your venture capital investments, be 99% sure your current pitch deck is worth nothing.

9 out of 10

startup pitchdecks end up going into the trash


40 meetings

with quality investors are needed on average for startups to close a seed round


3 minutes

the average time investors tend to look at your pitchdeck


Learn about the core 8 mistakes in an investment pitch deck from a 10 min video

Need good practice? Read the following articles to understand the mistakes behind each of the harmful advice to get to know why this MUST be avoided and get better prepared with investors’ questions.

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