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Startup Pitch Deck Templates and Examples

Ready to draft your startup pitch deck that investors would love?

Pitch Deck Examples:

The #1 Rule of a Good Startup Pitch Deck is:​ Convert Investors into a Meeting!​

It’s not a rocket science… Then why we see so many bad (really very bad!) pitch decks?

Too many slides, unclear messages, wordy descriptions, overwhelmed with terms and tech details, but missing the most important information for investors: vision, market, traction, competition, business.

By stats, investors spend 3 mins per startup pitch deck. Thus, your slides should nail your killing value proposition, competitive advantage and attractive offer. 

It should SELL your startup to investors and make them WANT get in touch with you. 

Investor's reaction on a bad startup pitch deck
Investor's Reaction on a bad startup pitch deck
Nelli Orlova, founder at InnMind

I spent countless sleepless nights designing a "perfect pitch deck for investors" for my first startup. And it was a monster: with 48 slides, a messy structure & tons of useless texts, describing features instead of delivering value.

If I could find examples of pitch decks from my industry, that converted investors into funding, it would save me A LOT of time and effort to understand WHAT investors really want to see in startups' decks. Now we have it for you on InnMind!


co-founder @ InnMind

Time to get rid of the mess in your pitch deck!

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  • Tokenomics

    is an important part of a web3 pitch deck. If you're not sure in your token metrics balance, use tokenomics calculator

Discover most popular pitch decks & other templates:

This Web3 Startup Pitch Deck Template is a great resource of well-organized and structured investor pitch for blockchain and decentralized technology startups seeking seed capital. Designed specifically for crypto and Web3 projects, this structured template covers all the essential aspects of a powerful and persuasive pitch deck that will resonate with potential investors.

Fundraising CRM is a document (or tool) that helps founders to keep fundraising activities and communication with investors under control. Designed by InnMind specifically for web3 and crypto startups, this Fundraising CRM template has everything you need to manage your fundraising efforts.

Prepare for your fundraising with our hand-crafted Crypto Exchange (DEX) Startup Pitch Deck Template. This fully customizable and editable PowerPoint presentation follows the best practices from successfully funded crypto startup pitch decks, adhering to the typical investor deck structure that crypto VC investors seek. Use it as inspiration and a blueprint to draft your own outstanding crypto startup pitch deck.

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Startup pitch deck is one part of the puzzle. VC Fundraising is a skill that requires complex preparation, multiple efforts and a bunch of nerve cells (but we make it easier!)

Once the pitch deck is ready, start pitching to VCs!