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We are a global community connecting actors of startup scene together

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Our users say:
About relevant contacts:
One of the rare places that really helps a startup to grow in its early days: Adamantify got a valuable feedback from a relevant investor in 2 days after the sign-up on InnMind.

Timur Ismilyaev

founder at Adamantify

About startup database:
InnMind is the first resource where I could find a good set of attractive startups from CIS and emerging countries, which is normally lacking in other global databases. Especially I appreciate the quality of projects listed here - no problems with fake accounts and irrelevant profiles.

Vasiliy Cherenkov

business angel

About startup competition:
Startups competition on InnMind demonstrated the high level of quality of the projects, selected for pitching for investors: most of startups have high venture potential and interesting business ideas. Especially I was impressed by the organization: preparation of the competition, communication with jury and professionalism of organizers. It was very high-level event!

Sergey Vasilyev

managing partner at Starta Capital

About value for startups:
InnMind helps. We reach interested people and connect with them. We receive feedback - the information that is crucial for correcting our strategy. Thanks to InnMind we were recommended to enter a business accelerator in New York.

Andrey Maklakov

founder at MarketMixer

About complex approach:
I like InnMind for its complex approach to satisfaction of the real business needs of its participants. It has the best structured startup profiles among existing databases, which allows me to get the necessary data at the first sight without seeking any additional information about a startup. The special newsletter with target startup funnel in my mailbox saves my time for parsing, and quality control via verification badges secures from wasting time on fake profiles. Being a young venture, InnMind impressed me with the intensity of its development and growth. I find it a powerful tool for investment professionals to create live startup funnel and connect directly with founders.

Mathieu Gygax

wealth manager

About investment decisions:
I have been working with the founders for a couple years now, and Nelli and Katerina have provided us a lot of value regarding the startup community on an investment perspective. The intelligence they shared with us about the startups saves us valuable time in our investment decisions. The platform is filled with useful information and the team is passionate about bringing experts together to give valuable information and connections to the community as a whole, from startups to experts and investors.

Frederic Joye

co-founder of Arcanys and Arcanys Labs