InnMind VC Pitching Sessions

  • Over $37 million USD raised via InnMind Pitching Session so far in 2021
  • Fully Digital Match-Making Experience
  • New session every 2 weeks
  • All stages, geographies & verticals
  • Only verified, proactive and top-tier VCs & CVCs

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The leading deal-origination platform & digital hub in Europe combining 50,000+ tech startups, VCs & Corporate Venture Capital with a success rate of over 10 investment deals being closed every 2 weeks!

InnMind VC Pitching Session is a virtual event, whereby startup founders from all over the world e-meet invited investors, business angels and VC firms and pitch their solutions live to get immediate feedback and a chance to originate investment deals!

Our aim is to empower great startup teams in their fundraising journey, help active investors find new promising startups for their pipeline and facilitate deal-origination between participants.

CapsCoin -
The Startup That Closed 3 Deals After The Pitching Session

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Why should you participate?

Access to VCs & CVCs

InnMind network of VC investors and Corporate Venture divisions is comprised of the leading investment institutions that are looking for bright teams and tech startups in Europe and Worldwide. By participating, you get direct access to active investors network, saving months of cold emailing without getting a response.

Preliminary Selection

Every pitching session is focused on specific criteria based on the investment focus of the invited VCs. The pre-selection process before the session is made to facilitate matchmaking between startups and investors, and increase the chance for successful investment deals between them.

Investors' feedback & questions

Every pitch is followed by an open Q&A session with the investors, during which startups answer the niche questions addressed by the VCs and get direct feedback. Get to know what aspects of your business interest investors the most and advance your pitch accordingly!

InnMind membership

Participation in VC Pitching Sessions is only one part of what InnMind Fundraising or Unicorn members get access to. Free credits from Amazon Web Services and IBM Cloud, access to the network of over 13,000+ ecosystem players, investors, corporates and advisors, exclusive networking and much more!

Regular, Online, Efficient

Once you apply to participate in at least one pitching session, your application will be considered for all the future sessions in case there is a match! The sessions are held on a regular basis (2 times per month) and take place in Zoom with a live stream in YouTube to increase the outreach to other investors who might be watching you there!

New connections & experience

Learn and improve by listening to other founder’s pitches and explore new opportunities to connect to new partners and expand your professional network! Exchange knowledge, value, experience, as you never know who might be your next connection point to enter a new market or access new customers.

How to apply?

  • Register

    Sign up and create your startup profile on InnMind platform

  • Upgrade your plan

    Upgrade your membership to Fundraising or Unicorn plan

  • Apply

    Choose the session and apply at least 3 days before the pitching day

  • Pass Pre-Selection

    Once you apply, you will receive an email with easy instructions to book a call with specialized InnMind’s team members in order to verify and assess your candidacy for pitching.

  • Pitch

    If selected, you will be invited to pitch in front of the investors!