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Launch your Web 3 Open Calls & Challenges to find the right fit technologies 

Enjoy ready-to-use technical infrastructure & evaluation dashboard for scouting

Benefit from Enterprise Premium Membership on InnMind platform

Access Growing International Network of Web 3 Startups

Our Approach

We save your time & resources

by providing a simplified processes that allows to keep the business units motivated and committed to innovation

Our network is constantly growing

300+ new startups and 40+ VC firms joining InnMind network every month

We ensure the enforcement

of your positioning as a global driver of innovation on the market along with a competitive advantage

Open innovation as a service

Dedicated 2-6 month, end-to-end open innovation project leveraging a large ecosystem (within & outside of InnMind platform), where we play the role of a trusted third party, and bring simplicity and efficiency to maximize the success of finding the best-fit technologies that would qualify for the PoCs/Commercial Agreements/Pilots/Strategic Investments.


Launch a dedicated public open innovation project covered through public media activities with a goal to source a larger scope of quality solutions and position the brand on the market as a lead innovator in the industry. 

Enterprise Premium Membership

Quarter/Yearly subscription on InnMind platform with an access to a growing network of startups focused on Web 3 and a possibility to launch and manage scouting activities as well as advertising/product placement opportunities depending on the appearing marketing, investment or business unit needs. 


Access a SaaS platform to source solutions within the scope of existing and growing network of startups, have a possibility to publish challenges on the platform and get support from InnMind to source a number of pre-selected solutions on a private basis.

how to apply to InnMind web3 accelerator

Recent Challenges

Hyundai CRADLE Berlin and POSCO Capital united forces together with InnMind to build a society that can be centered around – and powered by – hydrogen, the most plentiful substance in the world. We are here to establish the future all together where all forms of transportation and industrial technology function seamlessly and sustainably, emitting zero carbon into the air. H2 Challenge initiative was set to identify the best entrepreneurial, academic and technological projects developed across the globe in the hydrogen related applications. 

What startups & investors think about us

Why choosing InnMind

Global Ecosystem

Global ecosystem combining all industry players within Web 3 space that is growing by 300 new members organically every month.

Advanced Tech Solution

Ready tech infrastructure to run a full open innovation project in one platform (from application setup to final selection).

Targeted Outreach

Omni-channel targeted outreach to international institutions, accelerators, universities, and over 120+ Venture Capital Funds’ portfolio companies.

Quality Selection

Pre-interviewing activities and quality selection of applicants (strong believe in quality over quantity).

Committed Team

Committed team that is ready to adapt and customize processes according to your needs.

Not a database

We do not parse data from open sources and this makes us unique in our approach. Our ecosystem is vivid & limitless, which saves significant time and resources when it comes to strategic partnerships building with startups and innovators.


What is the difference between Enterprise Premium Membership and Open Innovation As a Service?

Enterprise Premium Membership is designed as a form of a membership on InnMind SaaS Platform for the teams within CVC and/or Open Innovation Departments that continuously source and collaboratively assess new quality startups depending on the appearing needs in order to move fast in the decision-making regarding the next investments/PoCs.

Open Innovation as a Service is rather designed as an end-to-end open innovation project, that focused on a specific corporate challenge (s) whereby InnMind acts as a third partner, providing scouting, full initiative’s management and media coverage.

Some specific differences are mentioned below:

  • Scouting – In Open Innovation as a Service, we follow an omni-channel outreach through the ecosystem (VCs, Accelerators, Journalists, Universities, InnMind Platform etc.) while in Enterprise Premium Membership, it is limited to our platform (13000+ startups).
  • Timeline –  In Open Innovation as a Service, a project runs for 2-6 months on an average while Enterprise Premium Membership is a quarterly or yearly subscription plan.
  • Pricing – The fee of Open Innovation as a Service is fixed depending on the scope of the project while Enterprise Premium Membership has a subscription membership fee.
  • Features – Open Innovation as a Service involves media coverage unlike the Enterprise Premium Membership.

How does InnMind differ from other platforms & open innovation scouts?

We operate as a platform, and apart from our own outreach we perform using an omni-channel approach outside the platform to scout the most relevant solutions for challenges, our own platform and network grows organically by 300+ new startups/investors joining on a monthly basis. Other similar platforms serve as a database rather than a collaborative platform where the ecosystem is vivid, so in this case, InnMind covers all the aspects of open innovation & dealflow origination rather than providing parsed data from open sources and analysis.

What can I do on the platform within Enterprise Premium Membership?

Here are the main features that will change the way you scout and work with technologies that will help to shape your your business:

  • InnMind Network – Avail the benefit of our network of 5000+ startups by using our advanced search engine filtering startups by industry, location, stage etc.
  • Product Access– Enjoy access to Startup Evaluation Dashboard (i) Personalized dashboard to add, score & evaluate startup solutions, leave notes, invite colleagues, collaboratively vote and avail other customized features.
  • InnMind Support- Use our expertise by employing us for dedicated private scouting (1 time/quartal) of solutions based on current innovation needs. Also gain from Direct email introductions with founders of your chosen startups and on-demand introductions with VCs and CVCs with matching investment focus. We also provide additional support by matching your marketing departments with the right startups for advertising or product placement opportunities within metaverse/gaming scaleups. 

What are the steps included in a Open Innovation as a Service?

  1. Framing – Define the objectives of the challenge together with a clear value proposition for the startups. Building on your topics of interest we create a comprehensive website for the challenge, communication kit, with brochures, PR pieces, visuals, application process setup and other processes. Your challenge is tailored to your needs and even visual identity.
  2. Scouting– We mobilize our global network to find the best technologies & startups suited to your needs, through InnMind Network (of 13k startups), reaching out to our VC Partners (1,300+ funds), our 200+ accelerators, universities and other ecosystem partners, and reaching out to the right innovators on a private basis using the team’s efforts. We will also ensure to provide you with regular reports on the updates regarding the application progress & coverage.
  3. Pre-Selection– Using our team’s expertise, we will preliminary analyze all the submitted applications and pre-select the most relevant solutions that fit to the challenge’s criteria by having one-on-one meetings, conducting interviews and making sure what ends up in the hands of the business units is complete & worth analyzing.
  4. Evaluation – All the pre-selected solutions will be available for further collaborative assessment on InnMind Platform’s scoring/evaluation module. Available functionality includes inviting colleagues for scoring, access to full information about an applicant, custom scoring & evaluation criteria, score and leave notes, view average score assigned to each applicant and much more.
  5. Finals – Depending on the goals of the challenge – we are open to implement various activities to make sure to finalize the initiative in the best way possible: organising an online pitch day, involve our network of VCs for co-investment and/or provide our additional support in further due-diligence of the selected solutions for PoCs/Pilots/Investments. 

What is the budget involved?

Get in touch with our Open Innovation Team via the form below and we’ll find the more suitable solution according to your needs and available budgets.