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Tokenomics Calculator for a Robust, Balanced Tokenomics for Your Web3 Startup

Effortlessly create and fine-tune your token economy using the ultimate Tokenomics Calculator.

Finally... Create token economy and make informed token modeling decisions x10 faster and easier using Tokenomics Calculator, trusted by crypto VCs and web3 founders

A well-designed token economy can propel your crypto startup to success, while a poorly crafted one can hold you back...

Token economy is a critical aspect of every web3 and crypto startup! But the truth is: calculating tokenomics can be a complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive task.

However, it doesn’t have to be!

Our Tokenomics Calculator is your essential solution for:

  • gaining a deeper understanding of token economy mechanics,
  • evaluating critical token metrics (token distribution, circulating supply, liquidity, market cap, token burn & buyback mechanics, etc.)
  • balancing the numbers for optimal results.
Token distribution and token supply in InnMind Tokenomics Calculator

Why Use a Tokenomics Calculator?

Launching a successful blockchain startup requires a deep understanding of tokenomics – the economic model behind your project’s native token. But you need the right tools to make informed decisions and optimize your token’s growth potential. 

That’s where our tokenomics calculator comes in.

With the help of this powerful tool you refine your token’s economic model, balance the interests of all participants, and maximize the attractiveness of your project to investors.

Design tokenomics that rewards ecosystem stakeholders, aligns with your business vision, and supports your growth goals.

How to Use Tokenomics Calculator?

Gain Full Control Over Your Tokenomics Numbers with Automated Formulas & an Intuitive Excel Calculator

Play around the numbers thanks to the automated calculation using integrated formulas to get the most sustainable model.

With this tool, you can quickly adjust the variables and parameters in your token economics to ensure a perfect balance.

Easily calculate token distribution, liquidity, max supply, vestings and cliffs, team & advisory allocation. See how different aspects and numbers impact token selling pressure and affect your company valuation over time.

Get all the tokenomics data in one place in our all-in-one integrated excel sheet including full Token Metrics, Internal Metrics, Release Schedule, and Advisory structure tabs!

Showcase Professional Token Numbers for Investor Due Diligence

Crypto VC investors expect to see well-structured and clear tokenomics details before making an investment decision.

Meanwhile, the Tokenomics Calculator’s structure aligns with crypto VC requirements, enabling them to assess data structure, market cap, valuation, and future growth potential during project due diligence.

Just present this document to investors during the due diligence process to instill confidence in your project!

Moreover: each tab contains auto-generated tokenomics graphs and charts to help visualize your token metrics and include them in your startup pitch deck.

Designed for Both Early-Stage Crypto Startups and Established Web3 Projects

The InnMind Tokenomics Calculator is versatile, catering to a variety of use cases, from new projects launching a token to established projects considering changes to their tokenomics strategy.

Furthermore: it is proven by many startup founders, that this tool’s simplicity and affordability make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to analyze and optimize their project’s token economics.

Perfect Your Token Economy Metrics with Ease!

You don’t need to spend weeks on complex calculations and fixing errors – Tokenomics Calculator empowers you to focus on your actual product, business development, and traction!

Over 70% of crypto projects* that used the Tokenomics Calculator successfully raised VC funding, and 100% love it!


* Based on the feedback provided by 200+ startups that used the tool

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FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I need the tokenomics calculator?

You need the Tokenomics Calculator at various stages of your web3 or crypto startup journey. Here are some common scenarios when our calculator can be beneficial:

  1. Idea validation: When you have an initial idea for a web3 or crypto project and want to validate the feasibility of your token economy before diving deeper into the development process.
  2. Preparation for fundraising: As you gear up for fundraising, having a well-structured and professionally designed tokenomics is essential. The Tokenomics Calculator can help you create a solid foundation to present to potential investors during the due diligence process.
  3. Tokenomics optimization: If you already have an existing token economy in place but need to make adjustments or optimizations, the Tokenomics Calculator can help you analyze various scenarios and fine-tune your tokenomics model.
  4. Preparing for a token launch or sale: When planning a token launch or sale, it’s crucial to have a well-designed tokenomics model that can drive demand and maintain a stable token economy. Our calculator can help you achieve the right balance.
  5. Revising tokenomics after project milestones: As your project evolves and reaches new milestones, you may need to revisit your tokenomics to ensure it remains aligned with your current goals and vision. The Tokenomics Calculator can assist you in making the necessary adjustments.

In summary, the Tokenomics Calculator is a valuable tool for any web3 or crypto startup founder who wants to design, optimize, or revise their token economy to ensure long-term success and sustainability.

Is there an instruction how to use the formulas?

Of course! Once you download the excel sheet, you’ll see the instructions on how to use it!

Moreover: if you still have questions about tokenomics calculator or need an independent review of your tokenomics calculations, you can request a 1hr review call with our tokenomics expert.

This is a bonus you get together with tokenomics calculator from InnMind

How can I get the tool and are there any limitations for usage?

There are 2 ways you can get the tool:

  1. You can purchase it in the toolbox for $199 (which is peanuts comparing to the cost of tokenomics design and review services on the market.
  2. If you’re a Premium member of InnMind, you will get it for FREE, already included in your Premium plan.

In both cases you’ll get unlimited access to tokenomics calculator and future updates. You can build as many token models and experimens with as many different scenarios as you want.

Can I pay for tokenomics calculator in crypto?

Yes, you can!

Right now we’re implementing automated tool for crypto payments. Meanwhile, you can write us in a live chat (right bottom support widget) and we’ll process your crypto payment manually.