Want to build a solid token economy from scratch?

Get your tokenomics done and balanced in hours, NOT weeks with InnMind Tokenomics Calculator

Build & Experiment with the best token model for your startup using automated InnMind Tokenomics Calculator designed by VCs and tested by successful founders

Token economy is a fundamental of every Web3 startup. It’s the business model, company structure, users’ incentives mechanics and fundraising metrics – all in one! Poorly done token economy can ruin a startup, while a well-designed one can bring it to new horizonts! 

Unfortunately, the majority of startup founders (and we talked with thousands of them!) lack in-depth understanding of the token economy mechanics. That is why we designed the new tool that will help the founders to understand it better, calculate the metrics and experiment with modelling the best token economy that will match your business vision and scale!

Automated Formulas & Easy to Use Excel Calculator

Play around the numbers thanks to the automated calculation using integrated formulas to get the most sustainable model.

All Tokenomics Data in One Place

All-in-one integrated sheet including Token Metrics, Internal Metrics, Release Schedule, Advisory structure and others!

Save Time & Experiment with the best models

No need to spend time on manual work making calculations and looking for errors when the numbers don’t match – with this tool, we let you concentrate on your actual business.

7 out of 10 startups successfully raised capital from VCs using InnMind Tokenomics Calculator

Based on the feedback provided by 200+ startups that used the tool

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