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Hydrogen Society Transformation Starts Here. 
And We Need You!

Hyundai CRADLE Berlin and POSCO Capital united forces to build a society that can be centered around – and powered by – hydrogen, the most plentiful substance in the world. We are here to establish the future all together where all forms of transportation and industrial technology function seamlessly and sustainably, emitting zero carbon into the air. 

H2 Challenge initiative is set to identify the best entrepreneurial, academic and technological projects developed across the globe in the hydrogen related applications. 

We seek for disruptive technologies by innovative companies with the same vision to realize a ‘Hydrogen Economy’ for a better and cleaner future.

We are looking forward to finding promising startups which can make our creative journey together, and hoping to make your and our dreams come true.

we are looking forward to hearing
from International Innovators


From Pre-Seed (MVP Stage) to Scale-Ups: startup teams working on developing novel hardware and software solutions within hydrogen-related applications.

Academia | Universities

R&D and University teams working on hydrogen-related applications both hardware and software.

SMEs & Collaborators

Established SMEs in the hydrogen space that can contribute to the Hyundai and/or POSCO business units with the existing technologies and hardware applications.

Challenge Areas

Awards to Selected Innovators

Awards to Selected Innovators

Proof-of-Concept Sponsorship

Initiate hydrogen-focused PoCs with the leading multinational corporations

Opportunity of Project Funding

Get an opportunity to receive strategic funding for the development of your project.

Access to R&D Resources

Access Open Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Groups of Hyundai and POSCO for collaboration and networking.

H2 Challenge Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the participation is totally free. You do not have to purchase any subscription plans nor verification on InnMind platform in order to apply.

Yes, you can apply to both, Hyundai and POSCO, but you will have to fill in 2 separate applications. It's up to you to choose whether you want to apply just to one company or to both. 

  1. Check out the available challenges run by POSCO and/or Hyundai and click on the "apply now" button next to the best matching category.
  2. After that, you will be redirected to InnMind platform for the actual application. You will be asked to sign up on InnMind and fill in your company's profile on the first page of the application process (for those who don't have an account). Following this action, you will be asked to answer 10-15 challenge specific questions. 
  3. After you finalise the application and submit it - stay tuned for more news from InnMind team. The next step would be to have a personal interview if you get pre-selected. 

There is no limitation in terms of geography.

Depending on the outcomes of the selection process, the selected innovators will get a chance to:

  • Launch sponsored PoCs / Corporate pilots with Hyundai or POSCO

  • Receive strategic financing of the project

  • Access R&D facilities 

  • Get an opportunity of joint development

H2 Challenge is open for applications from international startups from Pre-Seed to Series C+ stages, university teams/academia and strategic partners (established SMEs) that develop hardware and/or software solutions across multiple use cases and projects within the hydrogen value chain.

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H2 production

Hydrogen has been the fuel of the future for decades. Next move of the hydrogen production is to increase the Green Hydrogen production effectively, using renewable energy sources such as wind, solar or hydro and electrolysis to split water. Green hydrogen technologies are rapidly advancing, while challenging cost-reduction of large scale hydrogen production.  

H2 transportation & storage

Bringing Hydrogen to end-users safely and cost-effectively is one of the keys to Hydrogen economic growth. Storage and transport of Hydrogen requires dedicated infrastructure, novel materials for hardware and even solution providers who innovate its service business.


Industry sectors have lots of burdens on CO2 emissions. Carbon capture, use, and storage technologies and applications are essential to decarbonize industry. Innovation across CCUS technologies could meet various application in industrial processes, power generation and blue hydrogen production as well.

H2 application

Hydrogen Fuel Cell can be used in a variety of applications from electric drive motors of vehicles, train or even UAM (Urban Air Mobility) to back-up power generator for industrial solutions. Technological progress in Hydrogen Fuel Cell are shaping future of the sustainable mobility. Diverse applications such as Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles are achieving technical progress especially in product innovation.

Ammonia application

Ammnoia has various roles in the hydrogen society. It could be a main source of hydrogen, and a hydrogen carrier. Ammonia could also generate power. Creative idea and technology in Ammonia could enrich the hydrogen economy and make hydrogen future open earlier.