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InnMind is growing daily uniting Web3 ecosystem players, such as startups and investors, corporate partners and accelerators, decentralized web builders, web3 and crypto entrepreneurs!

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We strive to attract the best web3 startups and professional VC investors that join InnMind to find life-changing opportunities! They come for Fundraising and Investments, Traction and Bizdev, to Grow and Scale…

Our Mission

InnMind, short for ‘Innovative Mind’, is a community-driven ecosystem for web3 startups and tech entrepreneurs, VC investors and market professionals from around the world

We believe: it’s unfair that in the 21st century, we still depend so much on geographical and political borders.

I.e. if you’re a startup founder, based in one of the “startup hot spots” in the world, like Silicon Valley, Berlin, Zurich, London, etc., then you have access to knowledge, expertise, and financial backing. But outside those places, you’re cut out from the international network and resources.

In InnMind, we know: future unicorns and breakthrough technologies can be born everywhere!

We’re here to help web3 entrepreneurs to get access to investors, partners, experts, early adopters, and corporate players via our deal-origination online platform, where it doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re based in.

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Nelli Orlova


Nelli is our idea generator and driver, crazy positivist, passionate about dogs & startups. She knows how to thrive through chaos and never gives up.

Anton Antich


Anton is the head of the investment engine. He knows how find great investment opportunities with low risks and make our investment partners happy.

Ekaterina Naimushina

Head of InnMind Accelerate & Corporate Relations

Ekaterina can open any door, negotiate for win-win agreements, keeps in mind multiply requests from all the partners. She has a superpower: unbelievable charm and productivity.

Vitaly Nikitin


Vitaly is our IT development superman. He can build any tool, fix any bug and make an impossible within short amount of time. Vitaly also plays a double role, actively sharing fresh ideas with marketing teams and connecting them to our development roadmap!

Abdul Rahman

Investment Analyst

Abdul is an investment analyst and ensures that startups always have the most accurate advise on what investors lack in their business to achieve a success in fundraising. He knows how to catch the investors’ attention by selecting the most promising and relevant pipelines. 

Marc Nasr

Investment Analyst

Marc is the Head of Investment Analytics focused on equity dealflow and specialized in financial markets. He has a deep knowledge on how startups can better prepare themselves to enchant investors and make their project appealing, solid, and able to raise fundings. 

Irina Ionova

Head of Customer Support

Irina is our soulmate. She takes care of InnMind’s major asset – our users and customers, making them satisfied and happy, providing prompt feedback and problem solving.

Nikita Mazikov

Social Media Manager

Nikita is a magician managing our Social media & community channels, providing you with the fresh updates, insightful news and latest stories happening in the web 3 space! He also makes sure you are always aware about upcoming VC Pitching Sessions and other opportunities by InnMind!

Valentin Baev

Digital Marketing & Data Analyst

Valentin is a startup advisor who previously held different roles in corporations and unicorn startups: marketing analyst, sales and business operations. He loves numbers and metrics combined with marketing, which helps startups find InnMind faster and enjoy a smooth journey!

InnMind in Global Media

World Bank Agriculture Innovation Challenge on YouTube

The  Sociable | The representatives of the jury board come from such organizations as The World Bank, Draper University, Weather Impact, WFP, Global Parametrics, Accenture, SHIFT, InnMind, AGNIi, IFAD, Pula, and others.

Why Web3 Projects Fail With Growth Marketing: 3 Fundamental Mistakes

Hackernoon | Same with listings and platforms for startups: Crunchbase, InnMind, Angel List, F6S, etc. Even if they all have a specific purpose (Crunchbase - database, InnMind - venture capital fundraising, Angel List - HR & syndicates, F6S - access to accelerators and events), they all can be additional FREE opportunities to promote your project, generate backlinks and mentions.