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ICT (Internet & Communication)

Vyoocam is wearable camera for hands-free video streaming, conferencing or simply recording. As it's perfect hands-free tool for video it can be used in many B2B and B2C use cases. Our unique design allows our camera to be easily attached to any glasses people already have. Vyoocam is built to act as a third camera option (besides front and back built-in cameras in mobile device) in variety of mobile apps that do video.

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DESIGN ENGINEERING STRENGTH CALCULATIONS Aerodynamic calculations Kinematic calculations Three-dimensional modeling Models of building structures Models of mechanical-engineering structures 3D Printing Architecture Foundry engineering Simulation Product design Medical science Games and Entertainment Instrument making GIS

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Tennis Battle это мобильное приложение с помощью которого игроки в теннис во всем мире смогут найти себе идеальных соперников, участвовать в турнирах, следить за своим мировым рейтингом и статистикой сыгранных матчей.

Analytics, Consulting & Services, E-commerce, Finances & banking
United Kingdom

Origin, utilizes an innovative B2B Order and Accounts Generation/Allocation Engine with a Customer Knowledge Base (AI) of virtual market reality. It utilizes a proprietary TradePraxis technology that integrates tradetech, fintech and AI to automate the mediation of trading commodities, materials, products, contract projects and 15 related services including transportation, insurance, bank credit, consulting, market research, etc.

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ICT (Internet & Communication), Travel

Imagine travelling to a new city and hotel. You finish your business meetings and go back to your hotel. How do you make the best out of your stay? With Mesmo you can network with other hotel guests staying at the same hotel or even with the local community. You can even check top recommendations for things to do in the area. Don't know which restaurant to go to? check user top tips. Mesmo will also help you book your next taxi, transfer and activity to make the most of your stay.

Web applications

NovaPress Publisher – сервис, который облегчает компаниям работу с соц сетями, такими как Вконтакте, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, ЖЖ и многими другими. Он позволяет планировать контент в социальных сетях на дни и месяцы вперед. А также автоматически брать контент по мере появления на сайте компании и размещать во всех социальных сетях, автоматически добавляя хештеги для большего охвата.

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Construction, Consulting & Services, Finances & banking, Human Resources HR, Insurances

We are a young company based in Bucharest - Romania, founded in June 2016. We want to provide business services to small and medium enterprises on encouraging, fostering and development, both for existing companies in the Romanian market and for foreign companies wishing to establish presence in Romania.

Consulting & Services, Advertising & marketing

Удаленные ассистенты Смартфилд - это современный сервис для стартапов и малого бизнеса, который позволяет экономить время и деньги. Способны выполнять самые разнообразные поручения – от звонков, согласно скрипту, до комплексного продвижения компании. В нашей команде – компетентные специалисты в разных областях: телемаркетинг, копирайтинг, менеджмент, реклама и пиар, юридическое сопровождение и мн. др.

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United States

cBlueSky is a cloud based technology company that removes the technology from the local device and puts in all in the cloud. We will reduce the cost to small business for IT related cost and the new design for consumers will change their idea of entertainment.