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Estonia, Tallinn, DAB Foundation OÜ, Pääsusilma tee 10, Püünsi, Harjumaa, 74013 Estonia
Finances & banking
About company offers crypto P2P lending solutions: 1. Via the Credit As A Service API integration with crypto wallets, crypto marketplaces and crypto payment providers 2. Via Private Fixed Income Funds - Passive investors can define rules based investment strategy and earn passive income 3. Via low collateral requirements - Borrowers have 2x-3x less collateral requirements than other crypto platforms (the Co-Founders are CFA's).

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Internet Bubble 2000 versus Crypto Bubble 2018 — What’s next?
Internet Bubble 2000 versus Crypto Bubble 2018 — What’s next?
by Martin Ploom, from, on Sep 10
Some readers may remember the Internet Dot-com bubble of 2000, but most readers will remember the Crypto bubble of 2018. What are their commonalities? And what will happen next?