Contraflu PTE Ltd.


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Singapore, Singapore, 105 Cecil Street, Octagon, 069534, SINGAPORE


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The core team involves project entrepreneurs – Andrey Martyushev-Poklad (AMP, Russia), Head of R&D, and Michel Thiry (MT, Belgium), Head of Manufacturing. They brought the project from idea to completion of proof-of-concept clinical trial in Belgium.
AMP has two medical degrees, in biomedicine (immunology) and MD. Graduated in 1996. Since 2000 was actively involved in drug design and development, from idea to market launch. Active contributor to development of six products now market leaders in Russia.
MT is a seasoned professional in biotechnological manufacturing. He held several positions at Eurogentec, one of the first European biotech, including position of head of biological production unit, the CMO business unit of Eurogentec.
In 2005 he founded his own consulting business dedicated to helping small biotech startups to bring their products to the clinic and market. Cont®aflu is his leading project where he got personally involved as an inventor and stakeholder.