United States, New York, New York City
Food & Beverages, Internet of Things (IoT), Logistics
About company

Box2Table Inc. is a technology startup, which provides food & beverage enterprises with a comprehensive cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) with a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal; an automated inventory management system powered by artificial intelligence and a decentralized blockchain trading platform between owners of small and large businesses as well as producers and distributors of products around the globe.

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What is blockchain? And how it is changing the world?
by Box2Table, on May 15
Blockchain is a universal transactional book that registers and tracks every operation carried out within it, it is distributed throughout the Internet in thousands,
Box2Table and Prontapay announcing strategic partnership
by Box2Table, on May 12
he dynamics of activities and directions of Box2Table’s development do not cease to surprise.
Why you should consider B2T as an investment alternative
by Box2Table, on May 12
Imagine a world where crypto-currencies are stable and there is no risks of buying and holding it. Hard to imagine,right?
The new way of using blockchain technology
by Box2Table, on May 1
Blockchain is a revolutionary technology for securing transactions and data.  Many people express their concerns about it.
New revolutionary tool for restaurants
by Box2Table, on May 1
Choosing a software, which will help tom manage food servicing business is not a an easy task.