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Panaesha Capital offers products in the financial tech industry such as blockchain platforms and other white label softwares. Additionally, we offer analytic services that are aimed and helping you plan and develop your business or product. Our PR and marketing services can help you grow your business and reach the masses.

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How Blockchain Technology will Transform Industries and Streamline Complicated Processes
Blockchain technology is being incorporated into several industries today. The technology will disrupt the current working systems and replace them with an advanced and optimized architecture.
Blockchain technology applications are soaring in the humanitarian sector
Blockchain technology and digital assets mining were originally goodwill projects; now charities are accepting donations in the form of digital assets, furthering the social contribution of blockchain technology.
Blockchain Technology is Already Providing Real World Solutions for Financial Transactions
Cryptocurrencies are volatile commodities. The network used to support cryptocurrencies is known as blockchain technology.
5 Blockchain Technology-AI Projects in 2018
Watch out for these 5 nifty Blockchain Technology and AI combined projects that are on the verge of launching in 2018! Anticipation runs high as the two great and advanced technologies fuse to produce cutting-edge products.
Blockchain Technology to Optimize the Internet; Cheaper, Smarter, Faster Distribution of Online Content
Blockchain technology will make the internet’s infrastructure faster, cheaper and smarter through content delivery networks (CDN’s)
The Feelium coin token pre-sale stands at over 3.75 million dollars
The Feelium token pre-sale has raised over 3.5 million dollars for their blockchain-based platform. Feelium tokens are the motor of the Feelium platform and can facilitate the use of smart contracts and escrow services on the website.
How Blockchain Technology Could Thwart Piracy And Save The Entertainment Industry
Media, especially the movie and music industry, has a lot of artists involved in the production of a movie/album: original creators of content, aggregators, set providers and handlers for royalty payments.
The Difference Between Life & Death: How Blockchain Technology Can Help During Epidemics
Blockchain technology is a constantly updated, distributed ledger. This feature of blockchain technology is an area of interest for many sectors outside the cryptocurrency industry.
Will Cryptocurrencies Survive Regulations?
In 2018, cryptocurrencies are breaking through regulations and making their way onto legalized platforms. A crypto-friendly framework is likely to come into place over the next year and the market is expected to stabilize by 2019.
Cryptocurrencies: Moving towards a brighter future
Cryptocurrencies are viewed as a financial phenomenon and are also deemed unstable.