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Software engineering & development
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SmartO is a free smartphone app with an open source and powerful expert system on blockchain with a unique set of features and clear monetization for everyone.

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SmartO: Siri & Google Get Out the Way
by SmartO, on Apr 9
IT startup SmartO, starts its ICO on April 6 to raise funds for the project and subsequently implement all the innovative ideas.
SmartO Business Model
by SmartO, on Apr 2
SmartO directly connects the suppliers and the customers thus, it creates mutually beneficial eco-system based on win-win strategy. Let’s see how SmartO economy works in details.
by SmartO, on Mar 26
Remember Jarvis, Tony Stark’s assistant from The Iron Man, who gave Tony useful advice, found the right information he needed, and helped him in a difficult moment? Agree: it’s cool to have a personal assistant for all occasions! :)))
SmartO Project ICO — The New Stage of Evolution
by SmartO, on Mar 19
Our whole life consists of solving problems and achieving our goals. These everyday activities take from us a lot of time, efforts, money and prevent us from concentrating on the main task. Now we have a super-solution: the SmartO Project!
ICO SmartO — The Future is in Your Smartphone
by SmartO, on Mar 12
SmartO is a versatile mobile app that will organize your schedule, make your life more comfortable, easy and fulfill the eternal dream of millions of people: gaining regular profit without any efforts.
How SmartO will simplify the service providers’ lives (from the malls and the grocery shops nearby to the private manicure masters)
by SmartO, on Feb 26
“There is no need to attract the customers by yourself anymore. SmartO will do it for you!”Ildar MukhametzhanovCTO of the new blockchain project
SmartO will Make Your Life Easier
by SmartO, on Feb 26
“Retire strings on fingers!” I. Mukhametzhanov, the chief developer of a new app, SmartO.
Retire strings on fingers! (The Birth of SmartO)
by SmartO, on Feb 26
The birth of SmartO idea in words of its CTO - Ildar Mukhametzhanov.