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Estonia, Tallinn, 10130, office 103, Harju 6


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About team

Mikhail Mikhailov - CEO - 6 years experience in retail business, 4 years experience in IT marketing business, 2 years experience in traiding and blockchain technology.
Arkadiy Obolkin - CTO - 12 years experience in software development, 6 years as CTO. Skilled in 15+ programming languages, and with many modern technologies.
Yuriy Mamonov - COO - 7 years of experience as a sales Manager in the banking sector. 2 year's in the field of IT technologies. B2B-B2C. The promotion of the product at the territory of the Russian Federation.
Kristina Galkina - CMO - An expert in marketing, massmarketing and building relationship with key partners.
Leonid Chernigov - product manager - CEO of "inLermontov" co-working, Head of the Center for Technology Transfer in Irkutsk State University
Nikita Arsentiev - UX/UI Designer
Denis Golub - PR manager
Vugar Pashadjanov - Finance consultant