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Service for achieving goals, which allows you to keep a diary of achievements, read about interesting goals of other people and receive the support from coaches.

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Bounty for ICO. How to make money without a dime to spend
by SmartProgress, on Oct 21
Each project, launching its own ICO, makes a Bounty. It’s an incentive program for helping promote and advertise the ICO.
9 Steps to Launch a Self-Supporting ICO
by SmartProgress, on Oct 11
Many people are writing now about ICO and they uniformly affirm it requires some fantastic resources, a huge team and unthinkable advertising budgets.I decided to go my own way: to launch an ICO without any self-financing and a big team.
All Start-Ups will go for ICO
by SmartProgress, on Oct 9
Our article about the investment market, the paradigm shift towards ICO, our story of searching for investments and the decision to enter ICO