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Italy, Rome, via poggio laurentino 66


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Finance and Administration: Adele Penelope, role: financial planning and management, Management: CEO Riccardo Colasanti; role: project manager; career: foundation of Duel in 1994. Experience: pioneering innovation in ICT related to television, management of a national and international project. Mariagrazia Eleuteri role: Assistant project manager. with over 15 years’ experience in designing and managing project directly and indirectly financed by the European Commission. Technical Team: Antonio Di Noto, an engineer with 20 years'experience in computer science.During his experience in duel, he acquired a management role by engaging venture capitals both from Italy and abroad. Within the technical management of the project, Di Noto will be assisted by a team of 9 software engineers and 2 ICT technical operators. Support: Alessandro Egidi, is an assistant marketing manager of duel, where he designs campaigns and communication plans for clients.