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Patent Projects is an online Job Marketplace which allows you to receive offers from different Industrial Property (IP) Professionals, compare and select the candidate which best fits your needs. If you are seeking Patent, Trademark or Design Protection, this is the right place!

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What is a Patent?
by Patent Projects, on Jan 16
Innovative entrepreneurs and inventors should be familiar with key concepts about patents. Indeed, patents are the legal tool which allows to protect inventions. This article, and the included video, gives basic information about patents.
Why Startups need to protect their Intellectual Properties
by Patent Projects, on Jan 7
An Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolio, including Patents, Trademarks and Designs, is crucial for Companies. However, many Startuppers overlook the importance of protecting their IP. Here we briefly give reasons to build an IP Portfolio.
Need to Protect your Invention, Trademark or Design...but don't know how?
by Patent Projects, on Jan 6
We provide you an easy way! Watch our video to learn more AND visit