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Kviku has just launched on the marketplace in Europe
by Kviku, on Sep 5
European investors can now invest in its Russia-issued consumer loans listed in Euro (EUR) and Russian ruble (RUB)
The Feelium coin token pre-sale stands at over 3.75 million dollars
The Feelium token pre-sale has raised over 3.5 million dollars for their blockchain-based platform. Feelium tokens are the motor of the Feelium platform and can facilitate the use of smart contracts and escrow services on the website.
6 Effective Ways To Attract Investors For Your Small Business
by Leila Dorari, on Jan 4
Having amazing ideas on how to level up your small business is sometimes not enough for its growth as those ideas often require financial investments that go beyond our limits. In this article learn how to attract investors to support your efforts.
So you're looking to fund your startups?
by Johnny Waterschoot, on Nov 5
Congratulations, and realise: you are not alone. The startup scene is still growing across Europe and is a focal point of governments, private companies and the European Union, and you can get access to both private and public funding to grow.
Why would the investor not like your startup?
by Ekaterina Voronova, on Aug 31
Why so often there are misunderstandings between investors and start-ups? There are lots of explanations from startups’ point of view, but this time we at InnMind decided to ask investors themselves.
Mini Oil Refinery on Russian – Chinese Border Looking for Investor.
by ISProjects, on Aug 6
Capacity of 100 thousand MT per year (2000 barrels per day). In the future can be expanded up to 500K tons per year. Investment offer: 5M$ (including raw material) for 51% of the shares. Annual profitability: 5,680,000$. Construction period: 1 year.
Investing into a startup (Startup Booster, Episode 5)
by Administrator, on Jul 6
Frederic Joye, Swiss investor, tells how he chooses startups to invest
Raising Capital and Accessing the U.S. Market - Insiders Perspective Seminar
While the U.S. exchanges might be ideal for billion-dollar companies, OTCQX and OTCQB allow smaller issuers to grow in a logical, affordable way while limiting their risk." SOURCE OTC Markets Group Inc.
Business Investment/Finding Opportunities via Project Financing
by Ian Hilbert, on Mar 16
Anyone here seeking to meet investors to fund your businesses?
Improving investment experience with InnMind
by Administrator, on Mar 13
Information for investors: VCs, business angels, family offices, corporate investors, tech venture capital firms and all other professionals, seeking for promising investment opportunities in startups. This post is for you, guys!

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