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Get prepared for VC fundraising with advice from investors, pitch deck guides and templates, workshops and pitching sessions
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Learn how to make effective marketing without a budget, boost traffic channels, drive revenue marketing and lead generation 

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Learn about startup valuation and business modeling, how to start sales and build a good financial plan in posts, videos and tools

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Improve your business, leadership and fundraising skills with detailed video, text and quiz startup guides,
focusing on core aspects of startup development and scaling
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Save up to $500k with special software product perks and offers from InnMind partners. 
Boost your professional skills and make your founder’s life easier by delegating everyday routine to the automated tools

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Download useful templates to be used for your startup needs: legal, business and fundraising. NDA, partnership. MOU, distribution contracts, pitch deck template, 1-pager, due-diligence guide, competitors analysis, and more…

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