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Big data, Cybersecurity, Data storage, E-commerce, ICT (Internet & Communication), Internet of Things (IoT)
< 500,000 €
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Big data, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Software engineering & development
> 5,000,000 €
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Biotech, Consumer Goods, Cybersecurity, ICT (Internet & Communication), Life sciences, Software engineering & development
< 500,000 €
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Analytics, Big data, Cybersecurity, Finances & banking, ICT (Internet & Communication), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Software engineering & development, Web applications
< 1,000,000 €
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Health care, Medtech & Diagnostics, Micro & Nanotech
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Biotech, Health care, Life sciences, Medtech & Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals
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3D printing, Agriculture, Art, Automotive Industry, Biotech, Chemicals, Cleantech, Construction, Consumer Goods, Cybersecurity, E-commerce, Education, Electrical Power, Energy, Engineering, Entertainment, Fashion & Textiles, Finances & banking, Food & Beverages, Gas & Oil, Health care, Hospitality, Hydro, ICT (Internet & Communication), Insurances, Life sciences, Logistics, Machinery, Manufacturing, Material Sciences, Medtech & Diagnostics, Micro & Nanotech, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Recycling, Robotics, Security, Shipbuilding, Software engineering & development, Steel Industry, Telecommunications, Transportation, Waste treatment, Water treatment, Wind & Solar
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United States
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Software engineering & development
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3D printing, Advertising & marketing, Agriculture, E-commerce, Finances & banking, Internet of Things (IoT), Software engineering & development, Web applications
< 5,000,000 €
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Target sectors: Internet of things, digital marketing, 3D-industry (including virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing), financial technologies, agro technologies. Average check: $1mln Target stage: Round A