EXPLORE POSCO hydrogen challenges

POSCO H2 Direction

POSCO will foster hydrogen business as the new growth engine of POSCO with 5 Mil ton of Hydrogen Capacity and 30 Bil KON of sales

POSCO Capital, POSCO’s Group venture capital division in South Korea, has over 20 years of investment experience based on sound assets. With the strategic alliance in between POSCO Group, POSCO Capital finds innovative startups with high technology and growth potentials in new materials, renewable energy, environment, bio & healthcare, and IT areas. Under the new paradigm of Green, now we are much more focusing on the hydrogen in Europe. Steel, which is the POSCO Group’s main business needs a lot of hydrogen for the new steel making process, in this sense, we try to cover the whole value chain of hydrogen as a new business not just consumer’s point of view. 

We are looking forward to finding promising startups which can make our creative journey together, and hoping to make your and our dreams come true.

Explore Challenges & Apply

H2 Production

Solution areas:
  • Water electrolysis technology for green hydrogen production
  • A technology to produce hydrogen by directly decomposing methane into hydrogen and carbon (blue green hydrogen)
  • Next-generation technology that can produce hydrogen without CO2 emission
  • Technology to decompose/extract hydrogen from ammonia

H2 Transportation & Storage

Solution areas:

  • Hydrogen liquefaction/storage technology and liquefaction energy reduction technology for mass hydrogen transport
  •  Other hydrogen transport/storage technologies: physical storage (physiosorption), hydride storage (metal hydrate, LOHC, etc.) and next-generation technology.

Ammonia Application

Solution areas:

  • Technology to synthesize ammonia at low temperature/low pressure compared to the existing ammonia synthesis method (Haber-bosch method)
  • Power generation/industrial application technology that can directly utilize ammonia

Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage

Solution areas:

  • CCUS: CO2 capture technology applicable to steelmaking, Industrial processes, power generation and blue hydrogen production (chemical/physical adsorption, membrane technology, etc.)
  • Specialized technology applicable to fuel conversion, mineralization, and steelmaking processes, etc. focused on large-scale CO2 conversion

we are looking forward to hearing
from International Innovators


From Pre-Seed (MVP Stage) to Scale-Ups: startup teams working on developing nobel hardware and software solutions within hydrogen-related applications.

Academia | Universities

R&D and University teams working on hydrogen-related applications both hardware and software.

SMEs & Collaborators

Established SMEs in the hydrogen space that can contribute to the POSCO business units with the existing technologies and hardware applications.

Awards to Selected Innovators

Awards to Selected Innovators

Proof-of-Concept Sponsorship

Initiate hydrogen-focused PoCs with the leading multinational corporations

Opportunity of Project Funding

Get an opportunity to receive strategic funding for the development of your project.

Access to R&D Resources

Access Open Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Groups of POSCO for collaboration and networking.