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Hyundai Motor is the global leader in the development, mass production and export of hydrogen fuel cell systems for electric vehicles and beyond. Hyundai has been devoting itself to further develop fuel cell technology and establish the supply chain to realize a ‘Hydrogen Economy’ for a better and cleaner future. The next-generation fuel cell system will deliver enhanced performance and durability at an affordable price in a lighter architecture with enhanced energy density. With its next-generation fuel cell system, the group aims to offer a highly efficient and diversified lineup of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

We welcome startups, academic institutes and industry players to join this challenge and become part of Hyundai Motor Group´s exciting journey towards the future of green mobility!

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H2 Production

Solution areas:
  • Next generation technology using plasma to produce blue/turquoise hydrogen or syngas
  • High performing membrane or diaphragm for water electrolysis
  • New approaches of electrolysis stack/system design for increasing performance
  • H2 generation from salt / brackish water and other novel on-site generation technologies
  • Low cost natural gas / H2 separator

H2 Transportation & Storage

Solution areas:

  • Next-generation high-blocking plolymer material for hydrogen
  • Liner-less hydrogen tank that satisfies both leakage and durability
  • Real-time monitoring technology for tank defect detection
  • Reinforcing fiber to replace carbon fiber with high cost-effectiveness and design flexibility
  • Hydrogen storage and release technology (High-performance materials and high-efficiency system technology)
  • Differentiated hydrogen storage carrier and customer service concept utilizing the competitive advantage of liquefied hydrogen
  • Compact, low-cost scalable / mobile hydrogen liquefaction solution for air mobility
  • Very high density, Dimethyl ether (DME) based storage system for air transportation
  • Low cost, light weight and heat resistant pressure tanks for H2 trucks (Focus on heat resistance <85% and lower weight, compared to current solutions)
  • Novel, low cost pipeline systems for easy and fast installation

H2 Application

Solution areas:

  • Next-generation H2 tank design and materials for high cryogenic insulation
  • Engineering technology or services for small sized Fuel Cell System
  • Low cost, lightweight, scalable high-efficiency, high-bandwidth 1MW non-isolated DC-DC converter
  • H2 cooled super conductor machines for air transportation

Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage

Solution areas:

  • Carbon Capture & Storage technology for reducing CO2

No match between your solution and listed challenges?

If your idea or technology does not fit into any of the previously listed challenges, you still have the opportunity to pitch your idea here. This way will not be considered as part of the official H2 Challenge, but there will still be a screening of the corresponding teams. We are looking forward to your further ideas on the topic of hydrogen.

we are looking forward to hearing
from International Innovators


From Pre-Seed (MVP Stage) to Scale-Ups: startup teams working on developing nobel hardware and software solutions within hydrogen-related applications.

Academia | Universities

R&D and University teams working on hydrogen-related applications both hardware and software.

SMEs & Collaborators

Established SMEs in the hydrogen space that can contribute to the Hyundai  business units with the existing technologies and hardware applications.

Awards to Selected Innovators

Awards to Selected Innovators

Proof-of-Concept Sponsorship

Initiate hydrogen-focused PoCs with the leading multinational corporations

Opportunity of Project Funding

Get an opportunity to receive strategic funding for the development of your project.

Access to R&D Resources

Access Open Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Groups of Hyundai for collaboration and networking.