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Startup fundraising excellence. From due-diligence and startup valuation, preparing a great pitch deck and investment offer, pitching to investors and getting funded

What our startups say:

We pitched first time on InnMind shark tank and since then we’re talking to investors literally every day. We already closed the first round with Waterdrip Capital, the lead investor from the pitching session, and received several other VC offers on the table. That’s incredible!“…

Alex K, founder @ NIFTSY

After a week on InnMind platform and following the CleanTech VC Pitching Session, I was directly approached via the chat by one of the verified VCs on the platform who expressed their interest to discuss a potential deal! InnMind made my journey as a founder way more effective and resource-saving, opening the right doors so I can reach my fundraising goals.”

David Tiessen, VP of Business Development at Arterran

Startup fundraising engine

For many founders, fundraising becomes a second full-time job. But it doesn’t need to be! InnMind is your best solution there.

Our core expertise and focus is match-making and deal-origination between venture capital investors and tech startups. Platform’s algorithm analyses your startup profile information and matches it with the investment criteria of active VCs and CVCs. 

It is the fastest and most efficient way to get on the radar of relevant investors and move on with startup fundraising.

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How does match-making with investors work?

Almost every company starts from scratch, on bootstrap. We know how challenging it can be to find funds and resources that are vital for startups’ growth. That is why at InnMind we take care of the startup fundraising process, letting you focus on your core business: product, bizdev and sales.

  • Startup verification (due-diligence)

    Venture investors trust us in terms of quality of startups that we present them. Therefore, the first step is to verify your startup profile data. During the verification call we will ask the main due-diligence questions about your team, business model, market, competition, financials and other important details.

  • Analysis of investment offerings

    How to prove your startup valuation and chances of success? Our mentors can analyse your pitch deck and investment offer, helping to identify weak points and find ways to turn them into your strengths.

  • Startup fundraising documents

    You can use the startup funding documents templates to save time on preparation of your decks. We prepared for you investment pitch deck template, one-pager and other tools and documents on InnMind. It will help to get better prepared for fundraising.

  • Match-making with investors

    The main goal here is to find a perfect fit between your startup's and investor’s profiles. Therefore our platform's algorithm will identify the right investors’ segments and evaluate the match with your startup for a potential deal.

  • Pitching & Direct Connection with investors

    Connect directly with the right investors on the platform, open your funding round to notify active funds, receive new suggestions on the matching connections and close deals right on the platform. In parallel you can also pitch face-to-face to investors directly on monthly VC Shark-Tanks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We primarily work with tech  startups (Seed and Series A)  in a wide range of sectors, such as: medtech, fintech, blockchain and DeFi, AI & ML, robotics, smart city, insurtech, foodtech and others.

Make sure to:

1) Register and create your startup profile by registering on InnMind here

2) Apply for verification here

3) Purchase a Fundraising subscription here

There is no precise limit in funding amount. However the majority of startups that we work with aim at raising around €1,500,000 - €3,000,000. Although this does not mean that there are any obstacles in establishing other targets.

We work with a wide diversity of financial institutions that form a part of InnMind Network: Venture Capitalists, Funds, Business Angels, Family Offices, Large Corporations and others. For more precise knowledge in regard to this question, please refer to InnMind home page and YouTube channel to find out more.

As InnMind operates on a global scale, we do not have any geographical limitations while executing the fundraising program for any startup inside and outside of Europe.

The majority of investors from InnMind network focus on startups who have already passed the Seed stage and are currently in the Late Seed, Series A or Series B stage. However, due to a diversified investment portfolio, we do not limit ourselves and can always consider other development stages.

Depending on the set of goals indicated by the startup’s team, the average duration of a standard fundraising cycle is 3 to 4 months.