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Шесть лет работаю удаленно. За это время успела поработать в родном Казахстане, в Индии и Испании, а последние два года живу в солнечной Греции и путешествую по Кикладским островам. Мои клиенты живут в 25-и странах мира.

Consulting & Services, Finances & banking
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The Swiss Russian Forum (SRF) has created the Suvorov Prize as an award for outstanding innovative projects. Entrepreneurship plays a decisive role in the selection of the Prize-winner as marketability of the innovation is considered essential. The Suvorov Prize will be bestowed upon Swiss and R...

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We are active in the open source ecosystem, releasing our software to the community for transparency and better support. For example,, the object storage engine that we have developed and use in production for SOS.

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