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Is your Data Secure when it’s stored in Cloud?
by FuGenX Technologies, on Nov 16
Data in Cloud is stored in an encrypted form and hacker has to break this code to read the information.To ensure that customer’s data is safe and secure cloud based security providers have offered cloud based security solutions.
7 Ways AI is taking E-Commerce to the next level.
by FuGenX Technologies, on Oct 25
Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce has allowed online retailers to explore advanced technologies for enhancing the customer shopping experience. This proves that traders are adopting modern ways rather than sticking on to the earlier.
Uses of mobile healthcare app to improve patient’s experience.
by FuGenX Technologies, on Sep 11
Mobile apps in healthcare are not only transforming patients experience but also improving outcome rates.
Role of UX research in developing a mobile app
by FuGenX Technologies, on Aug 10
UX research involves the process of observing, understanding what they want and analyzing your targeted users and how they interact with your product. UX research actually helps in gathering information about user’s app experience.
Top utility apps for iPhone
by FuGenX Technologies, on May 11
Utility apps are quick access apps that help users in getting the information or tasks that need to be done immediately.