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Downsizing Your Business Expenses to Get Back in the Game Stronger
by Leila Dorari, on Jun 29
Cutting costs is one of the most important skills that a startup needs to possess. It allows you to boost your cash flow and maximize your profit.
5 Benefits Of Business Loans That Can Help Expand Your Enterprise In 2018
by Leila Dorari, on May 30
Funds are vital to your expansion and making the best out of opportunities that come your way. That is why you should consider a business loan - take it when you need it, and return it when you’ve become a successful company.
Tips to Conduct a Successful Business Meeting
by Leila Dorari, on Mar 28
The key points of a successful meeting are to ensure that everyone prepares and participates in a productive manner. Keep the atmosphere positive and encourage ideas and conclusions.
Psychology Tips to Boost Your Team's Productivity
by Leila Dorari, on Jan 30
Entrepreneurship usually means that you need to know a lot more than the business you are trying to develop. You will probably have to act as a parent to all of your employees and partners, but without letting them know that, of course.
Tips to Hold Your Business Together While Facing a Life Crisis
by Leila Dorari, on Jan 5
No matter how organized you are, there are certain unwelcome life events you can't predict. Coping with them is not easy, but by following these bits of advice you can speed up the recovery process and ensure your business (and life) stay unharmed.
6 Effective Ways To Attract Investors For Your Small Business
by Leila Dorari, on Jan 4
Having amazing ideas on how to level up your small business is sometimes not enough for its growth as those ideas often require financial investments that go beyond our limits. In this article learn how to attract investors to support your efforts.