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IDEX, Ethereum’s Superior Decentralized Exchange and EtherDelta Alternative
by Crowd Conscious, on Mar 2
With the recent lack of a decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network and a seeming EtherDelta exit scam, the community needs a new designated DEX to rely on. This article touches on some core components of the Aurora DAO ecosystem.
Can Less Capital Raised Mean More For ICO Investors?
by Crowd Conscious, on Feb 11
The Genesis Vision team seeks to bring transparency to the nearing $100 trillion Assets Under Management (AUM) market. This article explains that a project does not need to raise $10's of millions to be a successful raise.
Consumer Banking Takes Major Step Forward With Blockchain Technology To Help Consumers Save
by Crowd Conscious, on Feb 11
MinexCoin is the first blockchain project I've seen to successfully create a decentralized banking application, allowing users to 'park' their coins for an interest rate at a specified length of time. The coins never leave your desktop wallet.
Binance Exchange: Fueling a Hot New Era of Token-based Exchange Models?
by Crowd Conscious, on Feb 11
Within 6 short months, Binance Exchange climbed into the Top 3 global cryptocurrency exchanges, processing between $4-10+ billion daily. Read on to find out how their innovative token-based business model is responsible for their exponential growth.
Kucoin Exchange: The Exchange-based Token That Earns You a Dollar Cost Average and Diversified Portfolio, Daily
by Crowd Conscious, on Feb 11
Follow along as I explain the characteristics behind the Kucoin Shares (KCS) token within the exchange business model. The holder essentially earns 100+ cryptocurrencies as the fee-share from the Kucoin Exchange platform. Not a crypto like this!
Blocklancer: Roles of the Freelance Marketplace
by Crowd Conscious, on Feb 11
Follow along as I dive into the roles of the revolutionary Blocklancer project, a decentralized application built atop the Ethereum Blockchain, utilizing smart contracts to smooth out inequalities between stakeholders in the freelancing market.
How Do I Develop a Due Diligence Process For ICO or Cryptocurrency Investing? (Beginners Welcome)
by Crowd Conscious, on Feb 11
In this article, I dive into some of the due diligence processes I go through when deciding to invest in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) - the bare minimums to ensure the project is not fraudulent. Cryptocurrencies are extremely risky.