Maria Chichenkova


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Portugal, Faro



About team

► Great Crew has international team of specialist from Russia, Ukraine, Holland, Portugal, Brazil, Kazakhstan. Each member of our team brings one’s strengths, unique cultural experience and global vision to the project.
► We provide diversified business and market research: we are able to find the most unobvious information. We analyse the data and the target audience, work on the optimal strategy of communication and select the solution specifically for your business needs.
► Great Crew methodology is based on the work of the team in a dense bundle and constant interaction, understanding the psychological characteristics and technological capabilities that best meet business objectives of the project.
► We are able to apply a accumulated knowledge and experience to work on diverse projects from a wide range of industries.

Use the principles:

◉ work in a dense bunch of all of the specialists;
◉ improvement in each stage;
◉ simplification;
◉ vision and strategic approach.