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Kviku forecasts in early 2018 a large influx of private investors into microfinance institutions

by Alexander Shestakov, from Kviku, on Nov 22
The company's experts associate this process with the liquidation of VTB-24 as an independent legal entity, a significant proportion of its investors will seek new investment opportunities.

January 1, 2018, one of the largest Russian banks VTB-24 formally ceases to exist, whose entire infrastructure will continue to develop retail business in Russia after joining the main VTB.   According to Deputy Chairman of the Board of VTB Anatoly Pechatnikov in an interview with BFM, the more favorable terms on deposit rate won't be used as a tool for attracting depositors. At the same time, the current number of bank customers is estimated at about 10 million people, 30% of which belongs to the mass segment with a total deposit volume of about 1 trillion. rubles.   In this regard, Kviku analysts forecast a significant outflow of some of VTB-24's customers, especially from the mass segment, as well...

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