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3 Ways To Attract Prospects On Trade Shows - A Checklist For Startups

by Wendy Dessler, from Outreachmama, on Nov 15
A trade show can be a great opportunity for your startup to get your name out there and introduce your small business to prospective customers.
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Thousands of interested customers, purchasing agents, decision-makers, and corporate buyers attend trade shows every year. Every business showcasing its products or services at a trade show has to work hard to stand out from the rest, and achieving this is not easy. According to a article on the value of trade shows, every business has three goals for trade shows:  Generating leads Building brand awareness Developing relationships None of these can be achieved without a plan. To make the most out of your trade show experience and attract more prospects, consider these tips.  Make it Easy for Your Exhibit to Be Seen Buyers are attracted to unique looking trade show exhibits. Make an effort to make your booth design...

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