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The easy way to create your own app

by Tasha Bronicka, on Nov 14
Do you want to develop an app for your service, product, blog or business, but you don’t have spare time and money, I’ve got a solution.


Entering the mobile market doesn’t require large-scale investments of both time and money. To create an app, you don’t have to be a pro in coding. There are a great many of online platforms to help you build an app for a song and quickly.

With a relatively tiny sum of money, you can build and manage your mobile applications taking the advantage of the platforms listed below. Having an app, you can offer your customers an unmatched mobile and user experience, increase your brand visibility, bring more engagement as well as revenue.

Appery is a cloud-based platform where you can create apps for nearly all mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). The platform gives access to built-in components via Apache Cordova.

The app builder runs in the cloud, and you don’t need to download or install any additional software. Just open the page in a browser and start building your app. The platform includes a visual editor where you can drop and drag visual components to create the UI.

You can use any Rest API in your app. If you need a data storage, you can add a cloud database and backend with Appery.

Appery has got an excessive plugin catalog to add powerful functionality. In case, there are no plugins meeting your requirements, you can create your own custom plugins. Working on the platform is easy as ABC. Appery allows sharing a project with developers, customers, and business users in real time.

Price: Free (Basic) - $180 per month (Premium)

Mobile Roadie

It’s an app creator platform where you can build and manage an app for iOS or Android. The platform allows automatic importing of data from Twitter, RSS, Google News, and Keywords. Mobile Roadie offers an ultimate service: a real-time chat where you can discuss app specifications with your team members.

Also, Mobile Roadie features Connect App for previewing the apps. It allows you to see how the users will interact with your app on their devices. Mobile Roadie will gently walk you through the process of app submission checking the quality and the accordance of the app content.

Mobile Roadie allows uploading the content directly to your app and exporting the content from your app to a blog or site. It doesn’t matter what data format to choose whether XML, JSON, PHP, CSV or HTML - the platform supports all of them.

Using the platform, you can add a custom look and design to your app. Once you launch an app, Mobile Roadie has the suite of marketing tools.

Price: $125 per month (Core) - $667 per month (Professional)


There are two approaches for building an app available on TheAppBuilder. You can build your app with the online toolkit or let TheAppBuilder do it. The platform will define and build the app structure and upload the initial content in case you chose the last approach.

TheAppBuilder has a dedicated AppLibrary which you can use to customize the app.

The platform allows you to share and distribute the app, protect private as well as public apps with passwords and usernames. To make the process of distribution more seamless, use the Active Directory by TheAppBuilder that allows login with existing usernames, credentials, and user groups.

Even after the app launch, it’s easy to update the structure and content of your app. You can make unlimited updates and publish on various mobile platforms within one click. It takes online 60 seconds to change the app after you submit it. Note, the platform is compatible with the native iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Price: Upon Request

Good Barber

It’s also a platform for building mobile apps for iOS and Android. Good Barber offers complete control over the app without going crazy with coding. The platform has nine colorful design templates that you can customize to meet your branding. Moreover, there are more than 300 icons and unmatched access to 600 Google Fonts.

Good Barber provides you with a free web mobile version along with a native app. You can tie it in with your domain name, and a mobile version can become the official mobile version of the website.

The platform allows you to get the immediate feedback when you adjust the app. Good Barber gives you complete freedom regarding push notifications and other communication with users. You can add custom blocks to your app such as music, videos, photos, and even going live.

Price: $16 per month (Basic Plan) - $32 per month (Full Plan)

Appy Pie

The platform allows building an app for the most common mobile operating systems (iOS, Windows, and Android) without programming skills. Appy Pie is a cloud-based DIY tool, and there isn't anything to download and install.

At the final stage, you’ll get an HTML5-based hybrid app compatible with all platforms including Blackberry OS. Appy Pie allows integration with social media, blogs, websites, audio, video, etc. Here you can use the code page to embed your custom code or wireframes.

The platform can enable your app to:

  • send push notifications

  • monetize ads

  • see live analytics

  • track location

Price: Free (Basic) - $32 per month (Platinum)

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