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Putting Forward an Investor’s Point of View on ICOs and Crowdfunding

by Victor Paul, PhD, from Trans Finance Solutions, on Nov 6
Elucidating ICOs the media focuses on IT-geeks, regulators’ or potential users’ positions. In this article, a reader gets a glimpse of the topic from the investor's point of view, which is extremely important and is neglected at the same time
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An ICO, Crowdfunding and Investors’ Interests Before beginning it is necessary to stress the point that we are not talking about "micro-investors" supporting ICO projects that employ in one way or another blockchain / DLT - Distributed Ledger Technologies (subtle differences exist between blockchain and DLT that we ignore within this article). The lion’s share of all successful ICOs was conducted by the Internet community of crypto-enthusiasts, and projects’ ideas were related to new crypto-currencies or appeal to understandable and straightforward human interests - distributed social networks, sweepstakes, etc. Nowadays, thousands of DLT projects are initiated in various spheres of the world economy. Some of them will be in demand by governments, banks, and corporations, but most initiators of projects...

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