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Future Belongs to Platforms

by Julia Barashkovskaya, from InnMind, on Nov 6
At times when we can work from home and order everything online, we need more and more network type of projects to connect us with the rest of the world in a secure way.

Russian Blockchain Week took place in Moscow last week. Among many ideas, one that appeared in almost every presentation was the decline of ICO. With lots of hype, scam and speculation, the market, according to Ilya Perekopsky, founder of Blackmoon Crypto, needs strong ideas with professional teams to bring back investors’ faith.  It is already apparent now that future belongs to platforms rather than individual products. We live in an age when the biggest transport company Uber doesn’t own a single car, the biggest «rent a room» platform Airbnb doesn’t own any property whatsoever, the biggest retailer Alibaba doesn’t own a shopping mall. Managing a platform between end users and service providers is a great way to satisfy clients’ needs...

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