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ICO marketing guide

by Administrator, on Oct 2
Preparing for pre-sale or an ICO for your startup? Here is an overview of free resources and best channels to drive your ICO marketing campaign, including reddit, telegram, steemit, facebook and innmind
Ico marketing

So many startups all over the world are now thinking on how to make an ICO (Initial Coin Offering which is an alternative fundraising method, we will tell more about ICO itself in another post) and raise necessary funds after a successful ICO campaign. Lots of important questions should be considered while preparing for an ICO, such as legal set up, regulatory issues, token economy, business model, technical aspects... and ICO marketing as an essential  part of a successful crowd-sales campaign. When demand is high, the number of offers increases, which brings tons of new ICO marketing service providers to the market.  Among them you can see groups of SMM freelancers, willing to establish business on this hype; marketing newbies,...

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