The new super battery

It is based on the transformation of one energy into electricity.  Home benefits

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Dear Sir, Madam, Re: Proposal for the production of electricity According to this message, I would like to share with you our common concern about the need for electricity, which is growing every year throughout the world. Conventional power generation destroys the planet's ecosystem, while alternative energy still can not meet our needs. We all feel how the climate of the planet is changing every year. People need portable power sources such as environmentally friendly electric batteries that can be used for many years. I tried to solve this problem. After studying some new information and research materials, I came up with several solutions, one of which deserves attention. I have conducted several successful experiments and I can say with confidence that this direction in the production of energy resources will help meet some needs and completely change our energy concepts in general. The advantages of this option are as follows: the core can be assembled at home and will not be dangerous. There is no contact with the environment, and there is no mechanical activity, neither thermal nor radiation. It also provides mobility, mobility and does not require special conditions. In addition, it operates in a vacuum and has no chemical reactions. Another great advantage of generating energy using my method (green technologies, solar cells and windmills) is the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of production. Given the above, together with research and development, it will be an excellent alternative source of energy.

1) work for more than 10 years.
2) work in a vacuum.
3) does not require a charge.
4) has no chemical reaction.
5) there is no harmful radiation.
6) has no mechanical action.
7) does not have any harmful chemical compounds.
8) the ability to reproduce for reuse.
9) replacement of batteries for all uses.
10) Possibility of portable application.


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