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State of Blockchain: Tokenizing the Economy

by Administrator, on Aug 31
The InnMind report, representing the overview of the current initiatives of implementation of blockchain technologies in the industry and public sector.
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The blockchain technology has recently emerged as a disruptive innovation with a wide range of applications in the financial, industrial, supply chain, government and many other sectors. It attracts the public attention worldwide, becoming the major focus of interest of media, investment institutions, innovative hubs, financial organisations and even governments. In early August, the World Economic Forum declared that blockchain will become “the beating heart” of the financial industry. However, since the Bitcoin appeared on the global scene in 2009, the major point of attention has been in the cryptocurrency (or FinTech) field, which is only a fraction of the potential of blockchain technology. Meanwhile the secure, distributed, transparent database technology can be used for enabling of smart governments and...

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