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Why would the investor not like your startup?

by Ekaterina Voronova, from Ekaterina Voronova, on Aug 31
Why so often there are misunderstandings between investors and start-ups? There are lots of explanations from startups’ point of view, but this time we at InnMind decided to ask investors themselves.
Investor survey

After talking to dozens of investors, venture funds and business angels in different countries, Katerina Voronova, co-founder and Marketing Director at, prepared an article on how investors themselves perceive the submitted projects, what criteria they use when selecting potentially interesting start-ups, and also - why so many projects do not get into the investor's portfolio. The research is still in the process and what you see below if the overview of the first part of it. You can learn more here.  If you are a private investor, business angel, representative of venture or corporate fund, investment analyst or someone who is participating in decision making process, we invite you to participate in our survey! >>>>> Participate in Research <<<<<   Investors...

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