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Blockchain economy and its influence on technologies and innovations

by Administrator, on Aug 29
Attention to startups and tech entrepreneurs: the first InnMind Meetup coming soon!
Blockchain meetup innmind

It will be an exciting event: the special invited guest Marcelo Garcia, a Smart Cities Expert of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, a blockchainer and founder of, will present a keynote speech “Blockchain economy: how it will influence the development of the technologies and innovations?”. 

Marcelo will present his vision on the potential implementations of blockchain technology in industry, government, society and share insights on the most interesting startup projects and blockchain initiatives in UN member countries.

Furthermore, we have prepared a special surprise for you! We will another prominent speaker, who will be announced at the event itself. Join us and you won’t regret!

Afterwards you can enjoy awesome networking with startup entrepreneurs, investors and mentors, drinking cold beer (can be purchased in the bar), creating business connections and as usual - having fun with InnMind ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you on September 7th at 19:00! 

>>>>Register here<<<<

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