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The Importance of Educating Your Clients

by Veronica Guguian, from SPIN Ideas, on Aug 29
How you can increase your client database by educating them.
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We all want the sales process to be smooth. In a perfect world, we want our clients to come to us, buy, pay, and ultimately leave happy. However, I am sure all of you have experienced at one time or another a client who doesn’t understand your product or service. If we educate them, we can make this process smoother.

Depending on the product or service you provide, sometimes education is a must. Take marketing as an example. Majority of business owners, especially the small ones, believe they know what marketing means and how to do it. However, when asked a couple of basic questions, such as who is your clientand what is the goal of the campaign, you realize they have no clue what marketing entails.

Your duty, then, is to educate them on why your services and products are necessary and how you can help them. Thanks to the information you share, some are able to solve their problems independently. However, others will decide it is better to hire an expert to help them, and this is perfect. These are the people you want to target. Remember, you can’t serve everyone and you shouldn’t want to. That would mean you would not have time for anything else. You would become stressed and, most likely, the quality of your services would decrease as a result.

Thus, you want to create quality content to educate and guide them and help them solve some of the problems on their own. For me personally, I was so happy when people approached me and told me how much they learned from my articles. These comments make me feel my work is appreciated. Next time they have a problem they cannot solve on their own, I know these business owners will come to me.

Here are a couple of ways to educate your clients:

  • Blog posts. This one is my favorite. Write content that is not only relevant, but also useful. Show them how to solve their problems and fulfill their needs, even if that means they will not end up hiring you.
  • Videos. The idea is the same as blog posts, but instead in video format. Remember, some people prefer to watch a video instead of reading text. Furthermore, some are better at speaking than writing. Cater to different learning styles.
  • Product demonstrations. You can show them how your product works. Demos can be done in a video, live presentation, or a well-created manual.
  • Workshops and webinars. Doesn’t matter if it is a face-to-face event or an online one, the purpose of a workshop or webinar is to interact with your clients, share your knowledge, and answer all their questions.

I would love to hear from you. Are you educating your clients? And if so, how do you prefer to do so? Comment below or email me at: Also check out our site: for more content or subscribe to my SPIN Ideas newsletter. I will email you once a month and provide an overview of my content.

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