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Investing in Web Hosting

by Artur Radosz, from Jaaz Portal Ltd., on Aug 21
How much is web hosting worth? How significant is the predicted growth? Which companies operate there? What are the latest trends?

Nearly everyone needs some kind of online presence these days. Over its short lifetime, the Internet’s already become an integral part of human existence. It is now almost impossible to imagine the world without it, yet one of its defining aspects goes nearly unnoticed. We all see websites – every day we browse through dozens, if not hundreds, of them, but what makes this possible? What is behind them? The answer is the web hosting market and its key component – the datacentres. It is estimated that, currently, the global network consists of 260 000 000 sites. Of these, 60%, that’s 156 000 000 sites, do not have a properly functioning website. What’s more, the number of websites is only...

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