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To invest or not?

by Administrator, on Aug 9
How do you make your investment decisions while startup assessment: what brings a "stop-go" decision to your mind? (survey)
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InnMind is launching a second wave of the survey to find out the factors that influence decisions of investors.

Our mission is to help innovations spread around the globe, and we understand that one of the pushing factors is finance. With the results of this survey, we will shed light on the factors that can encourage investors to say “Yes” or would make them unwilling to bring in funds.

We target all types of investors, at all levels and scale, and in all the countries around the globe.

So, if you are an investor: VC, business angel, strategic investor, family fund, etc. or in charge of making investment decisions in your company, this is now time for you to contribute to the community. Bringing in around 10 minutes of your time, you are providing undisputable value for all the startup community.

The report, based on the results of the survey and occasional interviews, will be published on InnMind website and sent to all the respondents and InnMind users.

Do no hesitate to share the survey with your network!

Let’s make this ecosystem more efficient!

►►► You can find the survey here: Investment Decision-Making survey ◄◄◄

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Note: Full or partial copy of the publication is allowed only with the direct active link to InnMind platform.

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