Review of The Global CVC H1 2017 Report

InnMind presents you the review of the global Corporate Venture Capital report of the first half of 2017.

Review global cvc report

We present next report of CBInsights, so you have the opportunity to monitor global corporate venture activity in the first half of 2017.

The full report you can find here: Corporate Venture Capital H1 2017 Report

Globally, corporate VCs participated in $13.3 billion of funding across 798 deals.

Deals rebounded significantly in Q1’17, increasing 26% over Q4’16. Q2’17 deals decreased by 3% from the previous quarter, but funding participation remained nearly the same at $6.6B.

262 CVCs actively invested in Q2’17, the largest number of corporate investors since 2012. The number of new CVCs making their first investment grew 65% in H1’17 over H2’16.

If we look at regions, we see that CVC deal activity increased in both quarters of H1’17 in the UK and India, while China deal activity increased by 64% in H1’17 over H2’16. US CVC deal activity increased to 209 deals in Q1’17, an 18% increase over Q4’16. Funding participation also increased in H1’17, rising 20% over H2’16.

You can get more information about global corporate venture capital activity from this infographic:

Some outcomes from the report

👉 CVC investment activity increased 12% over H2’16 in terms of deals completed, and 8% in total capital invested.

👉 As for global CVC deals, European corporate venture activity declined five percentage points in Q1’17 to 20% of deal share. Asian corporate venture activity picked up in the same period, moving from 16% of share in Q4’16 to 23% in Q1’17. North American deal share has remained stable at 54%.

👉 Early-stage deals (seed/angel and Series A) took half of deal share. In Q2’17, Series A deal share reached 30% for the first time in 5 quarters. Series C deal share increased from 7% in Q4’16 to 10% in Q1’17 and 13% in Q2’17.

👉 Internet and mobile deals have averaged 60% of deal share in H1’17, with internet deals accounting for 44% of deals on average over the same time period.

👉 136 unique CVC funds participated in at least one seed financing round. This represents a 72% increase over H2’16.

In general, you can see an increase of investments in startups. 👍

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Wish you good luck!

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