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Small Business Marketing and Commercial Innovations Everyone Should Pay Attention To

by Wendy Dessler, from Outreachmama, on Jul 31
The world has it wrong when they believe small businesses are at a disadvantage, that they lack massive funding to get their businesses off the ground. In fact, many small business owners will tell you the world has it completely backward.
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Small businesses are actually at a major advantage because they’re forced to come up with innovative marketing and commercial ideas to use as catalysts to take their business to the next level.

How do small businesses use innovative strategies and ideas to their advantage? Some companies create products that are so far ahead of the competition it’s impossible not to notice them. Other companies offer services that are so valuable their competitors have a hard time competing against them unless they outright adopt their ideas.

With that in mind, we’ll take a look at some powerful commercial and marketing innovations created by small business owners. These products and strategies are so powerful that everyone should pay attention to them whether you’re running a small, medium, or large sized business.

Creating Innovative Products to Dominate Your Field

Steve Jobs envisioned Apple – the company he founded – going places so few in his organization could really understand or comprehend. He decided to take his company in an entirely different direction by getting into the digital music space in the late 1990s.

At this point, MP3 players were just coming on the market and people were beginning to jump on the digital music bandwagon. Napster was an incredibly popular music file sharing service that actually cheated the original artists and producers out of money for their hard-earned work.

The iPod helped change the digital music landscape for the better. This innovative idea is the main reason why Apple ended up becoming a huge success. Afterward, they created groundbreaking products like the iPad and iPhone to continue their successful trend, but it was the iPod that originally put them on the map and changed the way music was sold forever.

As a small business, RapID Lab (Automated Lab Animal ID) had to create an innovative product in order to put their company on the map. They did so by creating state-of-the-art mouse ID tags like nothing the market had ever seen before.
What makes these tags so special is their ability to tag mice without harming them or creating unnecessary deformities. This powerful idea is humane, painless, and animal-friendly. Plus it’s an effective way to collect sample data during the testing process.

Helping the Medical, Electronics, Aerospace, and Automotive Industries

Weiss-Aug provides molding services to some of the largest companies and powerful industries all throughout the world. Their innovative molding products and services are a boon to these industries because they can consistently produce high-quality moldings that are economically affordable and 100% precise each and every time.

Why is this such a dominant innovation? It helps these industries continue to produce top-quality products at affordable prices. These moldings make it easier than ever for top industry juggernauts to consistently create high-level products quickly, cleanly, and cheaply to the benefit of the entire world.

Taking Credit Card Processing to the Next Level

Using Dharma Merchant Services for credit card processing is quickly becoming the norm for many small business owners looking to take their business to the next level. This credit card processing company provides unique services and uses innovative marketing campaigns to get the attention of small and large business owners alike.

Why is Dharma Merchant Services so effective as a credit card processing company?

For starters, their terms are very fair. Many small business owners avoid accepting credit cards because they’d rather not be gouged by the credit card processing businesses. This company offers their clients a fair deal and it’s worth it for both parties involved.

Second, they don’t require their customers to enter into long-term agreements. From a marketing standpoint, this is an excellent idea because their clients will not feel handcuffed by a long-term contract. They are more than willing to give credit card processing a try because they aren’t stuck committing to a long-term contract that might not work out. Clearly, this is a trailblazing marketing tactic that all credit card companies should get behind.


As you can see, these small business marketing and commercial innovations have helped these businesses achieve great success. If you’re struggling in your business, think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas just like these businesses have and watch your company grow and thrive.

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