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Jaaz Portal invitation to EURUS Forum 2017

by Artur Radosz, from Jaaz Portal Ltd., on Jul 27
On October 12, 2017 Jaaz Portal Ltd. will be participating in the Investor Forum EURUS 2017 in Zurich. If you are a venture capitalist looking to invest in the web hosting sector, we warmly invite you to meet up with us.

EURUS is a foremost high-level international private capital forum bringing together leading asset managers, institutional and private investors, family offices, top-tier consultants and entrepreneurs with interests in the broader European private markets. A forward-looking, collaborative and performance-focused platform, EURUS offers a highly engaging and content-rich programme for leaders in private equity, venture capital and real estate to share actionable intelligence for informed cross-border, cross-sector investment and to explore cutting-edge solutions to emerging market challenges. Jaaz Portal Ltd. is Media Partner of EURUS 2017 and because of this we can offer all interested investors 35% discount on whole event (welcoming dinner, forum day and demo day).  In addition we can offer any interesting company a special rate of 250CHF (normall is 650CHF) if they would want...

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