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Harmful marketing tips for startups and where they come from

by Administrator, on Jul 24
Nelly Orlova, the founder of the international business network for start-ups and investors InnMind, tells why marketing recommendations from the Internet should be followed with caution and which start-up cases prove it.

Recently, the Internet is full of all sorts of materials on marketing topics. And the trend is that they more often are addressed not to professional marketers, but to entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business owners, promising them viral growth and rapid promotion of business through the use of marketing tools. Loud headlines a-la "how to get millions of users in half a second" or "how to promote a business with SMM in a week, spending only 5 minutes a day" (exaggerating, but the message is clear), blow our mind and make us go through an endless number of long-reads, spending time to find the "Holy Grail" of marketing. Of course, who among us does not dream to get millions of users...

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