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European Startup Monitor

by Administrator, on Apr 5
In Europe 7,8% of adults pursue early-stage entrepreneurial activities (in 2014). Learn more about them and their startups in the report prepared by European Startup Monitor
European startup monitor

The European Startup Monitor (ESM) represents more than 2,300 startups with more than 31,000 employees in all 28 European (13 in-depth analysis) member states and further important countries. 

Startups are defined by 3 characteristics:

1. startups are younger than 10 years;

2. startups feature (highly) innovative technologies and/or business models;

3. startups have or strive for a significant employee and/or sales growth (definition of startups, page 15). 

Objective of the first ESM: to present the development and significance of startups and to understand the European founders, to identify and compare country-specific and common challenges that startup ecosystems face in Europe and to foster communication between European entrepreneurs. 

Some Facts from the 1st ESM: 

  • European startups are job engineers: European startups create at least 12.9 jobs (including founder/s) after 2.5 years. Moreover, the average start-up plans to add 6.8 more jobs within next 12 months. 
  • Focus on high-tech: Most startups in the European Startup Monitor form part of the digital economy. 
  • Startups are innovation drivers: Almost 2/3 of the startups in the European Startup Monitor rate their products and/or services as novel across the European or global market.
  • Startups are founded in teams: Most European founders are between 25 - 34 years old. 14.7% of the startup founders in the ESM are female. 
  • International markets: More than half of all startups already serve international markets, with 8 out of 10 startups planning further internationalisation in the next 12 months. 
  • European startups are international: 11.9% of startup founders and 31.6%of their employees are from countries other than the location of the startup. 
  • ESM startups have raised  € 2.5 million: ESM startups have raised on average € 2.5 million in external capital. As part of the growth process, startups plan to raise an additional € 3.3 million in external capital on average. 
  • Satisfied & Positive atmosphere: More than 90% of startup founders are satisfied with their present business situation: 72% assume positive business development over the next 6 months. 
  • Important challenges: Sales/customer acquisition, raising capital and product development are the most important current challenges for European startups. 
  • Bureaucracy & regulations: Political expectations: European founders hope for more financial support and improvements in political regulations and bureaucracy. 
  • Room for improvement: The European startup environment is rated as satisfying, but there is room for improvement and there re significant differences between countries. 

Read the full report here

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