Right advisor is a boosting engine for a startup

Worldwide known accelerators guru and startups growth advisor Tal Catran joined the advisory board of the global startups and investors direction InnMind.

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Guessing what is happening on the photo above?

It's the screen shot from the mentoring session of InnMind team, where one of the most experienced professionals in the field of startups acceleration Tal Catran became InnMind advisor and joined our advisoy board!  

Tal Catran — Israel super-star and accelerators Guru, TC Holding founder, investor, startups mentor, TEDx speaker. He has many years of international-level experience as a startup community builder, who shares our vision and goals to facilitate innovations development and startups growth through bringing scattered industry professionals like startup founders, investors, accelerators and hubs, experts, mentors, corporations and motivated geeks together in one specially devoted and equipped cyber space.

It is the start of the story of chemistry between InnMind and Tal, based on our minds connection and mutual understanding of outstanding potential and value of InnMind for the global startups ecosystem.

Why did he choose InnMind? That is what Tal himself says:

"Innmind is a game changer when it comes to enabling startups, mentors and investor, share, explore and join hands for everyone's benefit."

Being committed to build the fundamentally new approach to connect innovative intrepreneurs with investors and industru professionals and help them grow and succeed, we join our efforts, energy and skills to expand InnMind presence to each of 195 countries existing in the world (by the way, we already reached over 50 of them) and bring its value t each of millions of innovative entrepreneurs and startup founders. 

We believe that with Tal Catran we can reach it in the most fast and efficient way, building one-window space for the startups, investors and innovative community on a really global scale.

And for those startup founders who are still guessing if they need an advisor to strengthen their team and help in their growth we have prepared below some meaningful advices from the serial entrepreneurs and successful startup founders. Hopefully they will help you to understand the value of an experienced advisor in a growing startup team:

Aigerim Shorman (Co-founder & CEO, Wist):

"The best advisors are those with whom you can build a true trusting relationship. You have to be able to be 100% transparent in order to make this a worthwhile investment of time for both of you. True advisors WANT to help. But the caveat is that they only want to help those of us who actually WANT to be helped. There is nothing more frustrating for someone who is busy than to spend hours with a young entrepreneur only to see her disregard the advice given."

Mark MacLeod (Founder at SurePath Capital Partners)

"Be selfish. Advisory boards are not for the company, they are for you. As leader of your company, the advisors are there to provide you with a personal, confidential, trusted sounding board."

Kyu Lee (CEO and cofounder of Wiselike)

"I’m thankful for all the advisers who ended up fitting into my own startup’s ecosystem. They’ve been invaluable. But choosing them was an arduous process that required weighing many different factors. When it comes to selecting an adviser, though, being choosy can pay off."

Innovatively yours, InnMind team

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