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Top 5 Global Startup Ecosystems

by Administrator, on Jul 8
InnMind presents you an infographic based on the 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report
Top 5 global startup

A startup ecosystem is a place where startups grow. And the success of startup depends on this place to some extent.

In this post, we present you infographic “Top 5 Global Startup Ecosystems” based on the 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report. This report was created by Startup Genome.

Startup Genome benchmarks startup ecosystems, combining objective data analysis with input from founders, to provide knowledge that empowers local regions to build consensus for action and attract healthy startup communities.

Pictures in the infographic were taken from 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report.

28% of the global investments into Early-Stage startups are made by Silicon Valley companies. Its top contenders are NYC and Beijing, which capture about 11% each. Silicon Valley also has the highest Global Resource Attraction score, at 21%.

New York City has the 2nd highest absolute Number of Early-Stage Investments in the world, trailing only Silicon Valley, and the 5th highest Number of Early-Stage Investment per startup. New York City is the 2nd largest ecosystem in the world by number of startups with about 6,300-7,800 startups. It also has one of the highest net Global Resource Attraction rates at 10%.

London is the 4th largest ecosystem in the world by number of startups. The ecosystem comprises of about twice as many startups as the next biggest European ecosystem, Tel Aviv. London is also the 4th largest ecosystem in the world by Ecosystem Value and by far the largest in Europe.

Beijing is home to 4,800-7,200 startups, making it the largest ecosystem in Asia. Beijing ranked 2nd for highest Number of Early-Stage Funding per Startup in the world, trailing only Shanghai. Beijing captures 11% of the global Early-Stage Investment and 10% of global exits.

Boston is now ranked 7th globally in Total Amount of Early-Stage Funding as well as 7th in Early-Stage Funding per Startup.

We present you top 5 global startup ecosystems. There are many startup ecosystems in the world. You can conclude that such ecosystems like Berlin, Tel-Aviv, Shanghai have a big value in the global startup ecosystem.

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