New feature: rating of user profiles on InnMind

In this article we tell you about new feature on InnMind

Rating user feature

As you already know, we offer a large number of free functions, materialstools and opportunities to solve the tasks of your startup. But we cannot stop at this. We continue to work on improving the functionality and adding new features to make your life easier :)

Please, meet our new feature:

Henceforth there is a rating of user profiles on InnMind

 ☝ You can vote for the profiles of start-upsinvestors and experts, giving them points according to the completeness of filling in profile information or based on personal experience with a company or a person.


☝ And this is not for entertainment: the rating directly affects the rank of the profile in the search on InnMind. Thus, we want to enable the most cool projects, reputable investors and professional experts to be at the forefront of the InnMind database. Such as an objective professional and social selection. :)

👍 So our advice to you: vote for others and do not yawn - be active, make interesting publications, share a link to your InnMind profile in social media to attract attention to it, raise the rating and go up the search! This will significantly increase your chances of being noticed by potential investors, partners and customers! 😎

👍 PS: How do you like our new feature? Do you like or found flaws? Do not keep it in yourself, write in comments and tell us what you think! We will be happy to get your feedback :)

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