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Review of Blockchain Industry Report

by Administrator, on Jun 24
This review of Blockchain Industry Report shows you the development of blockchain startups funding in the world since 2012 to 2016.
Blockchain reveiw report

At first, I think it will be useful to learn more about blockchain: what is this and what does it stand for.

This is what Wikipedia says about blockchain: “A blockchain – is a distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks.

In other words, a blockchain is a tool for saving transaction data. This technology is especially interesting for banks, fintech and can be applied in other areas where a deal is. The main advantages of blockchain are openness and security. Blockchain also decreases deal time. For example, the first deal through blockchain technology was in 2016 between Israel startup “Wave”, British bank Barclays and Irish manufacturer of dairy products. Before such process took almost a week or more due to checking documents. And thanks for cryptography and automated verification which is used in blockchain technology, this process took just 4 hours.

So, we can use blockchain wherever users need to save their data:

  • micropayments
  • bank operations
  • logistics
  • jurisprudence
  • medicine

During few years blockchain became one of the most demanded tools by big banks, corporations and even countries! In autumn 2016 Bank of America and Microsoft announced that they began to develop financial blockchain platform.

So we present you a review of the Funderbeam’s Blockchain Industry Report. This review shows you the development of funding in blockchain startups in the world since 2012 to 2016.

Pictures in the infographic were taken from Blockchain Industry Report

From section Funding by region we can see that North America has become the leader of the industry funding-wise. Europe saw a peak in 2013 and encountered a significant decline the year after. Asia has had the biggest increase in funding out of all regions since 2015.

As for Europe, the United Kingdom is the leader in funding in the blockchain startups, but it only accounts for 2,02% of the overall funding in the country, according to the full report.

Ireland and Netherlands have less funding in the blockchain than the UK, but a higher share of the total funding goes to the industry (6,26% in Ireland and 5,42% in Netherlands of the overall startup funding in the country).

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